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Is it (almost) your birthday? Celebrate with your friends at The Discovery Factory in Eindhoven.

We will receive you with a beautiful gift and of course ask your friends to sing for you! If you want you can also unpack their presents with us. After a brief explanation you will walk around freely and you can watch a great movie (request for English subtitling), play, build and have fun: inside (and in the spring and summer also outside). If necessary, our adventures escorts will help you further. There is a lot to do!

You can drink as much lemonade as you want. During lunchtime or at the end of the afternoon there are delicious small pancakes or hotdogs. Before you know it your great birthday party will be over.


A birthday party can be celebrated on Sunday, Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon or during holidays. The Discovery Factory is great for all children, but for children between 6 and 12 years it is the most fun. The number of places is limited, so reserve on time.


A birtday party costs 9,50 euros per person. Optional available: mini pancakes or hotdogs (3,50 euros per child). In addition, you pay 25 euros once per party for a beautiful gift for the person who celebrates his/her birthday, the reception and explanation and unlimited lemonade for your group!

Adults / escorts pay the normal admission price of The Discovery Factory and can order food and drinks at the bar. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.


Discovery Factory Flask

Do you want to give all the children of the party a gift? The Discovery Factory Flask is a nice idea. Ideal to always fill with the free lemonade during your party!

Minecraft Mania (minimum age 8 years old)

At a birthday party you can order an extra Minecraft Mania workshop. Together you build a giant rollercoaster in the digital Minecraft Environment. In our studio you can take the ride in your self made rollercoaster!

Note: in case of more than 10 children, computers must be shared.

New: make your own name stamps! (minimum age 8 years old)

Who wouldn’t want a stamp with their own name on it? Using a hypermodern Snapmaker CNC milling machine you will carve your names in a soft material. Together we do woodcrafts in order to complete your stamps. Add ink, test and your stamps are ready to take home. From now on putting your name on anything will be easy and fun!

Note: help of parents needed.

Soldering workshop (minimum age 8 years old)

Go to work for an hour with our supervisor during your birthday party. You make your own magical spiral play with real soldering stations, complete with light and buzzer! All your (girl)friends and take home their home-made spiral play!

Parents help is necessary.

3D workshop (minimum age 8 years old)

Go to work for an hour with your supervisor during your party. You make your own inventions or artwork with 3D pens. The person who celebrates his/her birthday gets a key ring with his / her own name. It is made with a real 3D printer.

Make a Mask  (for younger children)
Turn your party into an animal club: using a real vacuum forming machine (thermofolding) you will create your self designed animal masks! You and all of your friends can take home your own mask.

For children from the age of 4. Parents help needed.

Balloon Battle

A water contest with all your friends! From our fort outside you will train to fight any intruders with water balloons. Who can throw water balloons the best? This smashing activity (you are guaranteed to be wet) costs 10 euros extra (once for the whole group, including 100 balloons in Bunch O Balloons.

Birthday Cake

Do you want to enjoy together? Then you can order a delicious birthday cake. Or even two if you want!

Invitation Cards
An original birtday party also includes an original invitation. The Discovery Factory has beautiful invitation cards that you can order. They cost 1 euro each and are sent to you after your reservation (when ordering at least 5 pieces). But you can also make invitations yourself, you can download photo’s from our website if you like.

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